Tuesday, April 7, 2009

in the tender light, in the blistering heat

You once wrote, in ink and paper
that i am your missing piece;
that i make the puzzle—
your puzzle, complete;
in bold, curling, romantic strokes
your heart bled those words

for me, for me

for you i won’t write, in ink and paper—
for you we’ll have lovely dinners;
lovely walks, lovely talks;
in the tender light of the moon,
in the blistering heat of the sun;
i’ll hold your hand

i’ll hold your hand

and together, we’ll have alchemy;
we’ll write on our very own—
skin, flesh and bones—
the lone word we tried, forming
with our minds; curling with our lips--
at the outset of this journey:


just lovely


gravity said...

"we'll have our alchemy"

i find this line sweeeet. actually, the entire post is really sweet and lovely.

i'm happy for you =)

--E said...


sweet naman nito...