Monday, November 24, 2008


my nights are endless
undulating silken rivers
flowing through these veins
intoxicating, alluring,
like late-night coffee talks
I take with you

in slumber I swim, up
your body’s highest peak,
wrestling the tides like a fish
in love with the moon;
to hang your picture
aglow with the stars--

frame your face
with the ebbing of the aurora
immortal for all to see--
like the dotted gods of the night sky;
ancient greek watchmen
gaze at steadily

you sip your cup, smiling
as you watch me wade
through this, my sea of lucid dreams
in between more sips
we swirl; undaunted even
as dawn crawls her steady pace

she finds me awake,
giggling, shaking
caffeine-busted veins
smelling of me and you
and night time fishes too.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

swallow me whole

night raven,

you sang me
to sleep
sweetly; i toss
in my bed, restless
you to want
me, wanting
your song spinning
in my head

night raven,

you flew me dreaming
atop your perch--
your voice smiles,
sing me
your heart song;
and i will leap
without thought
or hesitation
to my welcoming ravine

but your heart song
is my devouring--
i dance, i spin
to your hearty croaks;

ravens do not sing

soon i must wake,
I know I should—
rain down
arrows on you;
tear down
your song’s supple walls.

in the waking world
i hear
Sanity calling

and i’ll run,
I’ll flee
your voice
smiling, beguiling;
in my head,
and heed her call

lest you,
darling night raven

swallow me whole


your name
is a silent prayer
i whisper
in the caressing darkness

i rise and fall
on whims
of your fingertips
the length of my back--
exploring every crevice,
every fold.

with each gentle dip
i whimper
your name--
hurried devotions
sinful supplications;
each velvet flick
of your tongue
leaves fire in my loins;

i burn. i sigh
your sacred syllables
under my breath--
they cocoon and drown me,
drown the fever;
send sweet shivers
down to my navel.

shuddering salvation
comes thick.

i drink
your name

under the dome of the balete

here we are--

one flame
one song
one heartbeat--

amidst the murmur
of the insects;
amidst the chorus
of the breeze,
with the flowers
in a tight embrace.

here we are--

in this island of the balete
where time stands still;

under its hallowed canopy
streams of sunlight
pass through,
like in the great windows
of the Sistine
and San Marco;
kisses, embraces
whispered 'i love you's.

hearts canonized
love sanctified
time petrified


under the dome of the balete.

legaspi park

by the crude light of lamp posts
we sat, held hands
hearts thumping like elephants

poetry flowed like water
flows downhill; as we
uttered silent prayers

silent oaths

in between breaths
in between stares

in between i love yous

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

sister catatonia

sister catatonia
my eyes bleed for you
untether me from
these unflinching stares
unhinge me, unbind me
look away
cursed beauty
absolve me
from all this madness

i see you

i close my eyes
and i see you
walking towards me

we are at the beach
lovers watching
their first
sunrise together
rolling waves
hit the rocks
near the dying embers
of our campfire
there's a different
sparkle in your eyes--
my most treasured jewels
as i put
dandelions on your hair
you smile
the sweetest smile at me...
do you remember?

i open my eyes
grey, dull, dry
the world
sudenly lost its beauty
it is ready to die

Monday, November 17, 2008


undressing one morning
in front of my parallel world
i noticed a slim body
smiling back at me
i put on my clothes
i put back the flabs

cold mourning

fairies entomb
my heart
bruised and beaten
in this dark
dank prison cell
of my youth
i died
an hour ago

fervent prayer

lied down on my back
prayed for sweet dreams to come
happily closed my eyes

fire within

maggots greedily
burrow into my flesh,
punching black holes
on my pale skin.
they tear my veins;
squirm for a first dive
in a seemingly safe
toxic river


feeling pride
insanely confident
i brag my accomplishments
to mute
staring dolls

slipping into oblivion

look at my eyes
they reflect nothing
pondering on things
about things
i sit on them
thinking, hoping
light would sting
my eyes
spark anew
or at least one thing
new things stirring
in my being
but alas
i sit still waiting
in this, my darkest of my nights
no light peering
not even a glimmer
of anything


visited the "Secret" garden
of my childhood lately
to plant new Ones


ice cream
thats what i was
the first time
i held your arms
would have loved
to melt
and cover you
all over
with luscious kisses
fill your mouth
with ardor
nourish you
with my flavor
seep through
every muscle and sinew
of your being
and fly out of you
a dove
changed by the loveliness
i've known inside
but i did not melt then
i was marble outside
stone-cold, inanimate
i remained a crow
the crow that i am
until now

Saturday, November 15, 2008

by the quivering light

by the quivering light
of purple and gold
coloring the cheeks
of her darkening skies
the old lady
caressing her countenance
in the gossamer of a window
pane painted
a smile
on her wrinkled lips
once the soft petals
of a rosebud
kept moist by dewdrops
of fiery desires

she drew the curtains
with her lithe
gnarled hands
shunning the trickle
of dewdrops
staining her cheeks

the dying light
to the prodding darkness

by the quivering light
of stars entangled
in the billowing wind
a young lady
sails across her ocean
with rose blossoms
and reaches to touch
her silken lips
brushing past
the moist maiden
skin of her hands

a goddess reborn
by the quivering light
of the dying

she could have been
happier though
had her delicate hands
been a little more

the hands of a lady
by the quivering light
of a fancy

child of twilight

child of twilight
flame kindling fire
in the belly of
i am
mother can't resist biting
my lake basking
in delight of
strewn across
the demented landscape
of a dying mind
i am
the safe coffins of
the Barcode Alliance
and the revelries
of the fairies
in my Secret forest
ancient mysteries
of gods stripped
of their divinities
my mirror-twin
writhed for
in dreams he kept
praying for
amorphous T w i l i g h t
to descend
in saccharine sweetness
render us
to our limpness
blanket Agony
with Ecstasy
whose child
i am

in utter stillness

the fire
has grown dim
in your eyes
and i grope
in the darkness
of your being...
where are you my love?

the river
has run dry
in my veins
yet you swim
in drunken happiness
while im drowning...
how could you, my love?

the silence
has beckoned us
to her breasts
and you suckled
in utter stillness
while i'm bleeding...
soon you'll leave me my love!

break the silence
let her milk flow
into my river
in the darkness
light my fire
in drunken happiness
in utter stillness...

i'm waiting!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

like flame on my tongue

twenty wintry May
summers simmered me
to arctic coldness;
yet underneath my yellow
moon i moan
still for your taste--
stale warmth
of your breath
here in my mouth,
like flame on my tongue
feverishly reluctant
to be extinguished
or released;
fiery like whip,
inside me
devouring me--
a saliva slave,
for your searing
torrential rains
on parched plains
of my skin,
til my twenty wintry
summers of May
simmer down
to nothing;
'neath my yellow arctic
moon melting,
like flame on your tongue

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

kiss the stars

kiss the stars
caught on your
marshmallow bed
of daytime clouds
touch the sun
in her loneliness
that she might
set early in the east
drown there forever
in her burning desire
wink at the moon
to shine a lustful beam
on your china face
your velvet skin
make love with the nightwind
blow him gentle kisses
to melt away
his gentleness
dance the dance
of enticement
before the wide expanse
of your divine
tormented skies


no longer runs
in my veins i have
as substitute

my stomach
churns out
on a daily basis
for added viewing pleasure

life is a constant movie
marathon passing
before my eyes

hbo reruns

i am
the movie star