Saturday, May 30, 2009

whore, i say

whore, i say--
cheeks slightly ruddy
from the sweltering heat--
you look from left to right,
right to left;
gasping a little
in admiration
of the pristine construction--
a true bourgeois beauty;
deserving nothing
but a well-poised pout
and slightly raised eyebrows
before blowing em a kiss

whore, i say
as you hold on to your waist,
and to your breath;
you shift your gaze down
and curl those lips--
the way those wet locks curl
as they sizzle, drying in open air—
oh, those deliciously devious lips,
devoid of mercy when aimed
at paralyzing targets
within that unforgiving
ten mile radius;
now that gaze seems to say,
Bitch, you still have it
Whore, you still got what it takes

to make that mirror steam
and break and sin;
lusting for your attention

Whore, i say;
You woke up today
Gasping for air,
as if just come
from a long-winding dream;
and you realize
the mirror doesn’t seem
so friendly anymore,
so flattering, so sparkling--
now that you’re 28;
and you realize
it’s just a slow downhill trek
long and winding
from here on

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my mind wanders

my mind wanders
in circles, in doodles—
like my pen scratching
this antiseptic blankness of paper

my mind wanders
like a sparse sprinkling of stars
floating in the womb of the night;
dying quietly, at the strike of daylight

my mind wanders
like a dragonfly, skirting the still
waters of a pond; droning endlessly—
never touching ground

my mind wanders
like a puff of smoke, dancing
rolling; ghost-like, hovering
over my nicotine-stained teeth and tongue

puff—goes another blank sheet;and another
puff—endless circles, endless doodles;
deep into the night; into the day—
my mind wanders, droning endlessly

my mind wanders