Monday, February 9, 2009

this hollow house i live in

I am a faint heartbeat—
beating on these walls,
beating on the floor;
beating on closed windows,
beating on tight-shut doors

i beat inside my head,
in between these ears;
inside this hollow house
that reeks of my stench,
and quakes with my fears

i beat in faint whispers
in the dead of the night,
these long forgotten syllables—
this half-remembered might:
so delicate, in one single babble

'twil flower in sight

and so i beat--
with these small voices,
softly cooing in the ears
of this catatonic shell,
i've once held dear

I am a faint heartbeat, now—
sighing on these walls,
sighing on closed windows;
i sigh a name, moaning—
i moan my name, once more