Monday, February 9, 2009

this hollow house i live in

I am a faint heartbeat—
beating on these walls,
beating on the floor;
beating on closed windows,
beating on tight-shut doors

i beat inside my head,
in between these ears;
inside this hollow house
that reeks of my stench,
and quakes with my fears

i beat in faint whispers
in the dead of the night,
these long forgotten syllables—
this half-remembered might:
so delicate, in one single babble

'twil flower in sight

and so i beat--
with these small voices,
softly cooing in the ears
of this catatonic shell,
i've once held dear

I am a faint heartbeat, now—
sighing on these walls,
sighing on closed windows;
i sigh a name, moaning—
i moan my name, once more


Victor Gregor said...

you have a knack for poems that sound lovely to the ear. consonants that cut across clearly. vowels that flow into each other.

Niel Camhalla said...

I don't know if the poem is being ironic but it didn't seem like a faint heartbeat. The word 'beat' and its derivatives repeated sounded noisy.

Mr. Scheez said...

As usual, ang ganda ng poym.

Tungkol 'san ito? LOL! =)

gentle said...

@ victor - thanks, comments like these make up for the eyebags, haha! :)

@ neil - i meant it to be loud.. almost to the point na parang mababaliw na yung persona. :)

@ scheez - kainis ka! hehehe.

Niel Camhalla said...

yes it did have that effect. pero ndi ako sure kasi kanina pa talaga masakit ulo ko. magkakasipon yuata ako.

gravity said...

the eyebags are worth it! i can imagine you up all night unable to sleep with the soft whispers you hear on your head, alarming and nerve-wracking =)

Herbs said...

happy singles awareness day too. this poem totally goes with it.

nice composition :) i <3 it.

love is a losing game by Amy Winehouse would go perfectly with this.

*hugs* we singles are the ones left to support each other in a time like this.