Sunday, January 25, 2009

tick tock goes the insomniac

The house is a sleeping beast
breathing on my back;
It speaks to me in whispers—
drip-drops from faucet leaks,
and little creaks from dark corners;
they echo in the hollows of my ears—
like stone thrown
in the depths of a well,
sounding and resounding
like my thoughts do:
incessant in their mindless chatter;
they work in clockwork precision
tick tock tick tock tick tock
so these dreary eyes
tick tock tick tock
tremble with dread
tick tock
and dread
the sight of the beast
finally walking
the light of a new day


Niel Camhalla said...

Onomatopoeic. I like how the poem reflects the noises.

gravity said...

you have a great power to stimulate the imagination of your readers and moreso relate to each and every moment you wish to convey. =)

Victor Gregor said...

"and little creaks from dark corners." lovely line.

this is a poem that sounds beautiful when read aloud.

gentle said...

@ neil - had to look for the tern in the dictionary. hehehe.

@ gravity - nagkataon lang kasing ala talaga akong tulog noong araw na iyan so i thought of writing down what i've been hearing for most parts of the night. hehehe. nababaliw na ata ako.

@ victor - thanks. so you read it aloud? :)

Retro Manila said...

Oh I love how you have carefully painted this poem.

Just lovely.

Victor Gregor said...

i actually did. lol.

"and little creaks from dark corners." the consonants crackle like static.