Friday, March 27, 2009

at sundown

The butcher and his wife
are at it again, in the other room—
he with the knives, and she with the axe;
throwing blades and parrying arguments
over dinner by candlelight; the air blooms
sweet with murder and carved chicken,
the smell wafts through your room;
brings you to your knees, in silent supplication—
for a truce to end all hostilities,
for a truce to end your duties;
you hate bloody morning clean-ups
with the pail and the mop
you hate hickey marks and early morning hugs;
kisses that go sour, at dinner by candlelight


Niel Camhalla said...

I like the sense of humor at the end.

gentle said...

@ niel - open naman for interpretation ang poym e, but sa akin personally the end is high drama.. haha!

gravity said...

i remember the movie Revolutionary Road. simply riveting. =)

Retro Manila said...

Your last lines are always a killer.

They leave me with a double edged knife still pierced right where it hurts the most.

gentle said...

@ gravity - wow, riveting! hehehe, first time ko makatanggap ng ganyang description. tenks. :) and to compare it to revolutionary road, well its truly an honor. :)

@ retro manila - comments like this make my heartbeat skip for a bit.. in a good way. :) a very good way, actually, like seeing your love for the first time.

Retro Manila said...

And that my friend is what poetry's all about.