Sunday, March 22, 2009

take heart, troubled child

take heart, troubled child; let your father’s ghost sing you lullabies
you wallowed for too long in this crumbling madhouse;
go and heed his song, let your spirit rise—past these velvet drapes, these motes;
these echoes that bounce up and down these walls;
you are not the dining table, nor its maggots aching in endless fornication;
you are not the chandelier, the padded rooms, the straight jacket—
nor the warden’s truncheon; they all call out to you 'his royal highness';
to which you bow and you curtsy, leaving them all in darkness

the light falling out your doorstep smell of your mother’s cooking
that day you turned thirteen; hungrily you step out, past all the madness
into that sunlit street that call to you, from half-remembered dreams;
the sunlight kissing your back flutter gently like a thousand butterfly wings;
the grass remember you, from when you were but a child, dragonfly-chasing;
slowly you break into a run—past the rabbit, the magician and the clown—
how odd it seems, you tell yourself, that the circus came to town;
as you make a dash for the old storehouse, sleeping by your crown

take heart troubled child, hear your father’s ghost singing in moonlight ;
while in that faraway world where the sun licks, you turn the door handles til you hear them click
the air in the storehouse is hot and humid; memory in this place, it seems, is thick;
you rummage the boxes for grimy chocolates, taking false comfort in anything that’s sweet
beside you, you begin to notice, your father’s ghost, jumping like a kid—
he found his toy, happy and quick; you wonder where your 'happy' box might be
you wonder, 'could there be one for me?'--furious, you start with the mad hunt;
furious, you howl; by the pale light of the moon bathing your cell, you fill your lair with grunts.


Niel Camhalla said...

too clear to be troubled

gentle said...

uhm.. ano po ang clear? yung background? ahehehe.

Niel Camhalla said...

The images and the poem as a whole, are clear. I wonder how this would look fragmented.

gentle said...

hmm.. i think making this fragmented to suit the "troubled" title would be sortof confusing to read; as it is, we've two parallel worlds.. its hard enough to make em distinct so that when one flows to the direction of the other the reader doesnt go.. "huh?"... yep. but thats a challenge.. :)

the geek said...

i was thinking of saying "huh?" but what came out aloud was..."wow"...

gravity said...

nostalgic ito Ü

i am in awe. you never cease to surprise me/us with your literary skills. perfect choice of words. Ü

(thanks for inspiring meÜ)

gentle said...

@ the geek - wow, thanks! hehehe. and thanks for the visit. drop by more often ;)

@ gravity - i'm very much honored, thank you!!