Sunday, April 12, 2009

wild child

woke up to the morning sun; kissing me warm
i can still feel it—little tingles that run like rivers—
on my belly, my neck and my arms;
telling me to cartwheel out my window,
and ride, a dragonfly passing-by;
to see my happiness reflected on wispy wings
that chart the colors of the sky;
to hear my heart stutter as we flutter
through the wind, touching grass wet with dew;
to feel my ears go numb, in anticipation of a slowing due—
a mid-air transfer—free-falling, tumbleweeding;
landing softly on a butterfly’s velvet wings;
to taste my excitement as we glide; oh, to glide—
hair matted with dirt, and twigs, and leaves that dried—
into the sun; wings flapping, gliding into the sun:
to stare at it, and not go blind;
to stare at it and not go blind


Anonymous said...

I love this koya. This poym so wants me to go out and enjoy the morning sun, like my childhood times when there was less or no stress from the worries of this world.

Ahlavet! =)

-- Mr. Scheez

Chai said...

happy yata these days...

"cartwheel out my window and ride a dragonfly passing by"

nice one eheheh

Niel Camhalla said...

what would happen if "happiness" was replaced by "lightness"?

Personally, I avoid the words like "happy" in a happy poem, like I avoid the word "love" in love poems.

gentle said...

well, it would be ok and would look good din, but for the purposes of this poym i really intended for the word "happiness" to reflect happiness.. i mean, what better word to describe a feeling than the feeling itself.. and besides, "lightness" might interfere with the word "reflect"; it might send an impression to readers that the wispy wings reflect light, well in fact its happiness the feeling, being reflected. :)

asus, haba ng nikoment ko sa simpleng tanong nimo.

gentle said...

@ chai - thanks.. i was experimenting with how else happiness can be seen through actions, and cartwheel came to mind. hehehe.

@ scheez - tenx, the poym had the same effect on me too. ;)