Thursday, April 9, 2009

crimson flowers | a rhyme before bedtime

tiptoe, tiptoe;
sneak, quietly;
duck, hide—
dive when you need to

her lair, its there—
loud with her snoring;
and chicken-a-clucking, too

slither, slither;
like her hair slithers;
into her pit, silently—
creep oh-so-quietly

careful, careful;
take care, oh, do take care,
not to wake the monster
beautiful in her slumber

or you will regret,
terribly regret;
once those eyes awake,
all bones will break

unsheathe your dagger;
slit her neck, a flowing
darling crimson flower—
but first, hear them hiss :

her hair, her hair—
hiss, hiss; hissing
hissing in her chamber;
hissing, plucking

plucking, plucking
plucking at the chicken—
cluckity, cluckity
cluckity cluck, cluck

plucking at the chicken


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, is this supposed to be TOO CEREBRAL and CRYPTIC? Or masyado lang ako nagbibigay ng effort to decipher ang poym na ito, when it is really not too complex ang meaning?

But I love the rhyming koya ha. As usual ang galing mo talaga.

Haaay, ingit/insecurity mode na naman ako =(

-- Mr. Scheez

Niel Camhalla said...

pwede syang bastos or erotic i mean. Hihihi.

gentle said...

@ niel and scheez - hoy, kayong dalawa ha.. walang bastos jan or complex meaning.. i was just trying
a horror approach to bedtym stories/ rhymes for kids

Mr. Scheez said...

Ahhh, I see. That explains the hair thingy. =)