Thursday, January 28, 2010

saunter strut scintillate

the night is ticking
ticking tock to dawn--
i strut, i saunter
i scintillate
in these sordid,
slimy streets--
not an ounce of sleep
spilt on my sheets


the geek said...

i see lots of letter "s".hahaha

Victor Gregor said...

You're a master of alliteration. I know someone who would be your next fan. Hehe.

gentle said...

@ geek - honga, pansin ko. hehehe.
@ vg - wow, parang di ko deserve yung master.. pero shempre, dapat tinatanggap ang binibigay na papugay, di ba. salamat po! at sino naman ito? :)

Christian Lucas Sangoyo said...

Aba'y hanep ka palang tumula brad!

Signed up on your blog!

- audiOscience

Fickle Cattle said...

I like the image of sleep (not) spilling on sheets.