Monday, January 11, 2010

love's cocoon

Let me vanish with your kiss
pop in an instant like bubbles do, in plain sight;
pull me in by the gravity of your eyes—
deep pools of black velvet,
riddled with stars;
let me sleep deep in your embrace,
snuggle me warm and safe—
cocooned from all these worldly cares
by the strength of your ribcage;
let me close my eyes and be with you,
even for just a moment’s breath;
in our place that’s neither here nor there—
as tender as a frail whisper,
as delicate as a strand of hair;
let me lay my head softly
on your chest, take comfort
from your beating heart that says
I’ll be safe,
I’ll be safe


Andrei Alba said...

sweet yet sad.

Harry said...

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