Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the anatomy of seduction

my eyelids convulse to the beat of a thousand drums
when you stare at me like that—
a kid drinking me like soda pop in the hot afternoon sun;
primal, ravaging; taking me in big thirsting gulps
til i am no more. lost in the space between your gaze
and my terminal yearnings; in transit until the next train arrives,
dreaming my technicolor dreamscape of merry-go-rounds
and cotton candies; ferris wheels and easter bunnies;
drifting with the clouds in sing-song existence
as my anorexic angels plead my case, weeping in silence
for my release; wailing, destitute in the shadows
of this cathedral-prison that your likable-lickable
ice cream eyes built for me.
me--a wooden puppet whose strings are pulled taut;
closer and closer to you as you flash that bedeviled grin,
smoking hot and moan-inducing; oohhh.
me--a tattered soul quivering under your bright lights,
pierced at the iris to eschew any and all resistance
as you laugh your satin syrup laughter. divine and devastating.
my winged counsels dream the hara-kiri in torment
as my technicolor theme park melt to mush;
and the train lights go poof!

black is the color of seduction.

and then you say hello.


cyndirellaz said...

kakaibang poem eto ah. there is really something in this. just keep it up. ^^

gravity said...

woah! profundity at its finest. you have played with your words very well, arousing imagination to its full extent. i love this post, worth reading over and over again. =)

Niel Camhalla said...

From the 1st three line alone, the reader is flooded with sensual images - convulse, drum beats, stare, hot afternoon.

Subtlety is not this poem's strength but I like how it ended, how it tells that all this blatant lust was just in the mind.

Then again maybe the character isn't at all subtle.